Making a small-town dream come true.

Bought an Houselo home in Fort Worth, TX

After Gene and Dot’s children grew up and started families of their own, the couple decided it was time for them to part with their large, beautiful home and move into a smaller place. Having sold ten homes already, they weren’t excited to get the typically stressful process started. Luckily, their son and daughter-in-law had used Houselo before, and they recommended giving it a try.

Instead of putting their lives on hold while they waited to find a buyer, they got an instant offer, completed two walkthroughs and an inspection, and closed in a matter of days. Pleased with the simplified process, they decided to work with Houselo to find their new home - the last they ever planned to own.

“ This was absolutely, unequivocally, the smoothest home sale we’ve experienced. Nothing has been smoother in my lifetime. ” - Gene

As experienced homebuyers, Gene and Dot knew they had to move quickly. So when their agent wasn’t available for an Houselo home showing, they went to the home and let themselves in for a private showing using Dot’s smartphone.

From the moment they stepped inside, the place felt right. It was a beautiful home in a great subdivision, close to the grandkids. The first-floor layout would be a blessing for Dot’s knees. The upstairs media room would be great for family visits (and for Gene to watch football on the big screen).

They found their dream home, and were able to close on it a few weeks later. It’s safe to say that even after selling ten different homes, we were able to provide Gene and Dot with the most stress-free experience they could have imagined.

Gabby KozolowskisupportedGene & Dot Bearduring the trade-in process