How to Stop Your House from being Foreclosed

Your home may be in foreclosure for a number of reasons, but each of them may be hard to deal with both emotionally and financially.
Many people go into foreclosure because they are laid-off or fired from their job, can’t work because of serious medical conditions, have stopped paying their bills, have a divorce or issues with a co-owner of the home, are transferred to another state for their job, or can no longer afford to maintain the home.
When homes go into foreclosure, they are typically auctioned off to the highest bidder who is then left to fix whatever issues remain with the house, if any. This can be financially taxing on a homeowner because the home may sell for less than or equal to the remaining debt on the home, leaving the homeowner with empty pockets and often nowhere to go.
Very few homeowners know that they have the right to sell their home with the intention of paying what they owe to their lenders before their home goes to auction. Here are a few reasons why selling your home before it goes to auction can be beneficial:


When your home is auctioned off, it is normally to the highest bidder. This can mean that someone can pay very little for your home, leaving you with a remaining bill to go to your lender, or leaving you with little to no profit. If you don’t make a profit, you may not be able to afford another home, which can lead to further issues.
If you are able to sell your home for more than you owe, you can pay off your lending debt and fees and make a better profit.


Selling your home before it goes to auction in foreclosure can offer you flexibility on who you work with. Although you do have to notify your lender of your intent to sell the home, you can choose to work with a realtor or a company who will buy your home as it is for a fair price.
This can save you the headache of watching your home being sold by people who don’t care about you or your best interests.


Houselo gives you the option of selling your home for a quick cash turn around. Instead of working with realtors who just want their cut of the sale, you can visit Houselo.com; enter your home’s address; and enter your name, phone number, and email address to receive an offer on your home.
Most offers are given on the same day you request one, unless you request an offer late at night.
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Traditional Home Sale

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  • Pay rent or mortgage on two properties
  • Unpredictable close date
  • No flexibility on move date

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Sell your home without listing, showings, and months of stress

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