The Houselo Team is creating a platform to fascillitate more ease and transparency to individuals abd famillies looking to buy their next home or to sell a family property. with features such as a consolidated real estate property search, and Realtor Reviews we are sure you'll be glad we came along.

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Properties for Sale

Lets start with the basics, Everyone wants access to MLS listings. Houselo will make sure you are the first to see a house when listed.

Properties for Rent

Current options like Craigslist or kijiji are limitted. We will allow home owners, realtors and leasees to work together effeciently. For Free.

Properties by Location

Location. Location. Location. Better Neighborhood Guides, to keep you informed.

Properties by Agent

Systems take time, we host agent listings and profiles for free. So you can get back to what you like doing- Sold!

Mortgage Lenders

Apply to multiple lenders from one place. Discuss your experience with others.

Agent Reviews

A Realtor is like your spiritual guide. If you're in the market for your next home, a little history on your guide might help.


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We're a small team of individuals driven by our passion to make a mark on this world. Hopefully a positive mark. Reach out to us if you'd like to chat :)

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You've reached the future home of Real Estate professionals around the globe. Hang in there, we're working hard to launch as soon as possible.

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